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     For over 30 years, Miami Thread has been a leader in the textile industry.


 It was in 1986 that the company's ascent towards industry leadership began in


Miami, FL . Offering customers the quality, cost, and service often unavailable


from the larger multi-national corporations - it didn't take long for the


industry to take notice.


 Installation of our state of the art opening line


    In 1996, Miami Thread left its birthplace and moved into a 143,000 sq. ft


manufacturing facility In Drexel, NC. This move allowed the company to


become completely vertical for all goods and services offered - which it


still remains to date.



    Here at Miami Thread, we understand the evolving nature of the marketplace,


 and pride ourselves in our ability to adapt - without ever having to outsource


or move offshore. We are currently the only vertical textile manufacturer of


our kind who offers a product line that is only (and always!) American made.



if you need a product that you don' t see listed, contact us. Miami thread is a

versatile tailor shop capable of rising to meet the largest challenges and orders.

our capable, talented, and knowledgeable staff can meet or exceed

all your thread needs.




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